Monday, February 28, 2011

Use your knowledge earned from school

In Shiroube, anybody can become a good guide and earn some extra cash helping tourists. You know your neighborhood most, ever wondered it can be a attractive place for travelers. 

Your local school, small but cozy restaurants, local foods, lonely place with nice views, local market, local history – all these can be a good attraction for real travelers. If you are majoring in history, why not using your knowledge while guiding at some historical places.  If you are playing football in a football team in college, you can take a tourist to a local football game.  If you feel you can help out, then you can sign-up on Shiroube as a travel guide. 

If a traveler find your place suitable and agree to your price and terms & conditions, the person will contact you via Shiroube and come to visit your great neighbor.

Thanks, Shiroube Team