Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Actively go out on weekends?

Often times, travelers look for activities that more than a city can offer, something like snorkeling, diving, wild animal watching, dolphin watching, sky diving, and so on.

If you do an outdoor activity in your pastime, why don’t you let a traveler know your great world?
When you are going diving with your friends, it’s more fun to invite a traveler from other culture! You guys can split the cost of gas, a place to stay and so on; therefore, it would be more reasonable for you and for the traveler.  In your profile, you can specify the cost of the day trip, qualification, if there is any.  A traveler will get to know the terms and conditions beforehand, there would be less troubles.  It adds more fun and excitement.  You will meet new people while you do your favorite pastime!

Thanks, Shiroube Team