Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shiroube's Appearances on Media

Hi Shiroube fans!

We would like to appreciate for all your support!

We would like to announce that Shiroube has been introduced on several media
around the world! 

We will continue to post the link of media which Shiroube is introduced on this blog from now on.

Here they are:

[Shiroube has been covered on Kodansha isMedia]
*It's written all in Japanese. 
The article is located in the second "red-colored square mark".
Probably, you can recognize it with the word "Shiroube" in the article.

[Shiroube has been introduced on Tech Cocktail]

We are very happy to know that Shiroube has started being recognized in the U.S.!

[Shiroube has been picked up on Young | Upstarts]

We are very happy to know that Shiroube has been recognized more by media worldwide!

[Shiroube has been picked up on Czech media]

(I wish I could read this.... it's all in Czech!)

It seems like Shiroube has started being recognized!

Thank you.
Shiroube Team