Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shiroube to Announce Forming a Partnership with Green Path Transfers

Shiroube has recently has formed a partnership with Green Path Transfers,
which provides global airport pick-up, inter-city, and inter-island transfer services.

Since Green Path Transfer's parent company is the WHL Group, it allows the company
to build a very large network and now offers more than 300 destinations globally, covering off-the-beaten-path places where are not widely known.

Moreover, the company has a mission to "go green".  They have been partnering with transfer companies around the world, which have a commitment to zero or very low carbon emissions.
At the same time, the company offers extremely competitive fares.

With a partnership with Green Path Transfers, travelers will be able to book reservations of "eco-friendly transfers" on Shiroube!

By using the eco-transfers offered by Green Path Transters through Shiroube, you will be able to contribute to a greener future for the beautiful planet earth.

About Green Path Transfers
Website at:

Shiroube Team