Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 5 Scariest/ Most Haunted Places in the World

Top 5 Scariest/ Most Haunted Places in the World

Are you sceptical about the supernatural? Let's face it, we all love a well concocted ghost story, but when it comes to hard evidence, most of us are inclined to believe that photos are little more than cleverly articulated fakes produced by Photoshop junkies. Or are they? From the stately halls of the White House in Washington DC to the labyrinthine corridors of Hampton Court Palace, England, there have been no end of spine-chilling accounts and photographs that could lend credence to the existence of restless spirits. But, while they may harbour the ghosts of more prominent historical characters, these fascinating old buildings have nothing on some of the more obscure haunted properties across the globe. Still don't believe in ghosts? We dare you to spend the night in one of our top five picks!

Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Constructed in 1926, the eerie Gothic Sanatorium at Louisville was originally built to house patients during the mid-20's tuberculosis epidemic, and allegedly saw as many as 40,000 deaths in its 20 year history. Unfortunately for its residents, Waverly Hills was also one of the few places in America earmarked as a research facility; it's patients subsequently becoming guinea pigs for a host of painful experimental procedures that often resulted in scarring and disfigurement. Avid ghost hunters report of hearing the screams of former patients echoing along the corridors at dusk, coupled with grisly sightings of disfigured entities roaming the many empty rooms. The 'Death Chute', an underground tunnel once used to ferry bodies to a waiting hearse beyond the grounds, has become one of the main attractions of the Sanatorium and a popular place to spend the night!

Fort Bangharh
Rajasthan, India

Once the crowning glory of a flourishing Persian kingdom, the crumbling 14th Century fortress of Bangharh lies abandoned and forgotten in a wilderness that few will dare to travel across after dark. Legend has it that, after being spurned several times by Queen Ratnavali, the wicked sorcerer Sevra Singh imposed a dark curse on the city and its inhabitants, swearing death upon any who did not flee. The ensuing year saw the queen and many of her people perish whilst fighting invading forces from Ajabgarh – forces allegedly sent by Sevra to destroy Bangharh forever.

Whether or not the legend of Queen Ratnavali's demise is true, there's something about Bangharh that causes people to steer well clear. Visitors have reported an uneasiness when entering the main complex, accompanied by feelings of severe nausea, dizziness and being watched. Strange sightings, shifting brickwork and collapsing roofs in neighbouring properties have all been attributed to the Bangharh curse, prompting authorities to impose a strict ban on entry after nightfall!

The Skirrid Inn
Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales

With its quaint lead panelled windows and old world charm, The Skirrid Mountain Inn at Llanfihangel Crucorney looks like a warm, inviting place to grab a pint on a Sunday afternoon. But it's after dark that visitors should beware, for this is when the Skirrid Inn's other regulars are prone to making their presence felt. According to locals, the Skirrid Inn was formerly a courthouse in which as many as 180 people were hanged during the 19th Century – perhaps some explanation for the strangling sensation many visitors have felt when passing the main staircase. Guests have also reported glasses flying from shelves of their own accord, faces peering out from the upper floor windows and dark orbs floating past their beds in the dead of night. Such is the level of paranormal activity at the Skirrid Inn, it has fast gained rank as one of the most haunted places anywhere in Britain!

The Whaley House
San Diego, California, USA

The troubles started at Whaley House when entrepreneur Thomas Whaley came to town in 1857, and subsequently built his house upon the site where boat thief Yankee Jim had been hanged just a year before. Following the death of their son Thomas at 18 months and their store being targeted by arsonists, the family vacated to San Francisco in an attempt to put an end to their run of bad luck. Sadly the pull of the house was too strong and the family returned to take up residence in 1868 in the hope of a fresh start. A fatal accident involving their daughter's playmate beside the swimming pool, and subsequent suicide of their own daughter Violet in 1885 would prove them wrong.

The strong odours of perfume and cigar smoke reported by visitors would suggest the family are still in residence at Whaley House. Apparitions matching the descriptions of both Anna and Thomas Whaley have been sighted in the former living room, and at one of the windows upstairs. Visitors have also reported seeing an extremely life-like little girl with red hair playing on the verandah, and the heavy footfalls of Yankee Jim on the stairs.

Monte Cristo Homestead
Junee, New South Wales, Australia

With its beautiful iron-work verandah and stunning rural aspect, the historic Junee manor house has long been a place of fascination for visitors. But, the real attractions of Monte Cristo are the countless spirits who are still in residence, including the young maid who was pushed from the upper balcony, the caretaker mortally wounded by a 'Psycho' fanatic, and Harold Steele, the mentally disabled son of the housekeeper who was chained to a chair for over forty years. Residents nearby reckon you can still hear his anguished cries by night as he howls for his mother to return.

Mrs Crawley, the mistress of the house is a particularly active spirit, and on more than one occasion has been heard yelling at visitors to leave her house. Although chilling, her apparition has nothing on the entities who prefer to remain out of sight, such as the faceless ghost in the Boy's Room, and the animal-hating demon which allegedly mutilated an entire litter of kittens in 1981.

Could this be the most haunted house in the world? There's only one way to find out!