Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bicycling with a traveler!

Do you prefer going to places by bicycle even though you take longer time compared to going by car?  I believe you have noticed that you have found more cool stores or cozy cafes when you are riding on a bicycle.  It’s more convenient to go by car when you just want to go there straight without stopping by anywhere.  But when it comes to traveling, just being in a car would limit the possibility of exploring new things in the area.  On the other hand, being on a bicycle would give you the access to “the very local view”!  You will feel the comfortable breeze on your face, the smell, and the closer look to the area you are visiting.  You never have to worry about parking time or getting a parking ticket!  If you are familiar with the area you are living, into bicycling, and have an extra bicycle, you may become a perfect tour guide!  It’s more fun to cruise with a person with a different background.  

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Shiroube Team