Friday, May 27, 2011

Visiting Museums

Visiting museums and local art galleries is always one of “Must-visits” while traveling. 

Large museums can be easily found in a guide book but smaller museums and local galleries are hard to find.  If you love going to museums, galleries, and artistic places, why not becoming a local art guide?  Do you know great local artists who are opening galleries?  Do you know some special exhibitions of famous artists at museums?  How about taking them to the gallery walk event in your town?  It’s for you to let travelers know about them!  Maybe you can receive art postcards as a reward for you guiding a traveler.  You can specify such thing in your ad so that you can guide exactly how you want to do.  You can fully use your art knowledge to help travelers explore the world of art!  Place your ad on Shiroube now!

Shiroube Team