Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Have you traveled without a guidebook?

Recently, some media have picked up this new way to travel around the world. 
It’s the way to travel in a “local” way.  Visiting places where local people love, as well as meeting and communicating with real local people. 
A lot of travel experts have found out that communicating with local people makes a trip way fuller. 
By actually meeting locals allows you to understand the culture and real side of the town or country. 
We are not suggesting you to pick up a local person randomly at a place you are visiting, but we are recommending you to find one through Shiroube. 
You never have to feel shy about seeking a suitable local guide for you. 
You feel a lot safer and comfortable finding one on Shiroube. 
It’s the same for local guides. 
If you want to become a local guide, you never have to feel heavy obligation or whatsoever on Shiroube. 
You can offer your own guidance.  You can guide your way. 
Shiroube has an answer for both traveler and guide. 
Check it out and post an ad on Shiroube today! 

Thank you,
Shiroube Team