Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How about meeting real local people

Traveling is always a lot of fun. 
It clears up your mind and soul, and gives you new spice in your life.  
You loved the way you have traveled but you always had this feeling that you wanted to talk to local people more?  Did not know how you could meet real locals?  

On Shiroube, you can seek a local guide before you go on a trip! 
It’s much safer than finding one randomly in your destination. 
There are many great places that only locals know so it can be more exciting to travel via Shiroube. 
Also, when you go places with a tour guide, usually many of them are hired by a travel company but not from the local area. 
On Shiroube, you can find a real local person and you have more chance to communicate with local people! 
By seeking local guides on Shiroube, you can even customize your trip exactly the way you always wanted to travel! 
Try Shiroube now!

Thank you!
Shiroube Team