Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Total Beauty Tour!

For most women, getting nails done, going to a hair salon, getting massages,
doing facial…etc.. are always a part of their lives! 

During a trip, a lot of women tend to visit such places in their destinations. 
One of my friends recently visited Thailand and she experienced traditional Thai massage! 
It is always exciting to experience a salon in a different culture!  Each culture has its own definition for beauty. 
So it is for you to find out what it is all about! 

If you are obsessed with visiting beauty salons, and know good ones, why don’t you let travelers know about them?  We recommend you to become a beauty guide. 
Well-known Luxurious salons can be found in a guidebook but reasonable & smaller local ones are not visible to travelers. 
You can give them great experiences! 
You can address what you can offer in your ad.  Place an ad on Shiroube now!

Thank you.
Shiroube Team