Monday, February 28, 2011

Use your knowledge earned from school

In Shiroube, anybody can become a good guide and earn some extra cash helping tourists. You know your neighborhood most, ever wondered it can be a attractive place for travelers. 

Your local school, small but cozy restaurants, local foods, lonely place with nice views, local market, local history – all these can be a good attraction for real travelers. If you are majoring in history, why not using your knowledge while guiding at some historical places.  If you are playing football in a football team in college, you can take a tourist to a local football game.  If you feel you can help out, then you can sign-up on Shiroube as a travel guide. 

If a traveler find your place suitable and agree to your price and terms & conditions, the person will contact you via Shiroube and come to visit your great neighbor.

Thanks, Shiroube Team

Sunday, February 20, 2011

During Vacations

How did you earn money last summer break? Was it hard to find a job only for a school break? 

If you are interested in becoming a guide, this would be perfect way to earn money during vacations from school.  You don’t have to have special knowledge or anything.  You just need to know about the town you are living in.  Travelers likely want to visit places that only locals know!  They are tired of very touristy places.  You are the one to show them real local spots!

After registering to Shiroube, you will get replies from people who are interested in your guide.  When you are done with guiding, you will receive a reward (money).  I am sure this would help you to pay your next quarter/semester’s tuition!  Register today!

Shiroube Team

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Language Exchange?

Shiroube is more than a travel tool.  Are you a student who is always looking for a language exchange friend?  But don’t know where to look for? 

First, you need to do is to register as a guide on Shiroube.  You can guide a person from a different country through your town and do language exchange with the person as a reward for your guide! You can carry a conversation more easily especially after touring together!  It’s more fun to do this than looking for one on a bulletin board on campus.  Usually, bulletin boards on campus have too many postings and are very tiring to find the one you really want to find.  After registering to Shiroube, all you need to do is to sit back and wait until you get replies! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How about finding a new friend?

Are you looking for a new friend from a different city or other part of the world? Then, Shiroube might help you!  Either sign up as a local guide or become a traveler, or even both, there would be a great chance to become friends with a person you guide/travel with!  If feelings are mutual, you may contact the person off Shiroube and be friends for real after the guide/travel.  This works only when both needs are met.  You may end up having friends all over the world, maybe!!  New friends who live other places always give you spice in your life.  This is also one of interesting ways to use Shiroube.  Do you have better ideas?  You can always find your own unique way to use Shiroube!