Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tips For Traveling With Children

Tips For Traveling With Children

Traveling with children can present many challenges to their parents. Special precautions must be taken when traveling with children of any age, but especially young children.

Children tend to slow adults down so if you are traveling with them you will want to get to the airport a little earlier than you normally would. Often airlines will board families with small children first and this means it is crucial for you to be at your gate before your flight starts boarding. Otherwise your children may hold things up for everyone, which often results in traveling with angry and frustrated passengers.

Bring things to entertain children with during the flight. Depending on their age a coloring book with crayons or a portable DVD player and some appropriate movies may be all you need to keep them occupied for the duration of the flight. If you are traveling with a baby, the TSA recommends that you bring a safety seat on the plane with you. This will keep your baby safe in the event turbulence occurs.

When flying coach with children try to get seats in the first row of the plane’s economy section. In that area you will be somewhat isolated from other passengers so if your children get cranky during the flight they are less likely to bother their fellow passengers. If seats in the front row are not available, children should sit in between their parents. Never let young children sit in an aisle seat because they will want to run around the plane if they can get out of their seat easily.

It is important to have children stretch their legs during the flight. Parents should not let children walk around alone on a plane.

These tips will make traveling with children easier.