Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Actively go out on weekends?

Often times, travelers look for activities that more than a city can offer, something like snorkeling, diving, wild animal watching, dolphin watching, sky diving, and so on.

If you do an outdoor activity in your pastime, why don’t you let a traveler know your great world?
When you are going diving with your friends, it’s more fun to invite a traveler from other culture! You guys can split the cost of gas, a place to stay and so on; therefore, it would be more reasonable for you and for the traveler.  In your profile, you can specify the cost of the day trip, qualification, if there is any.  A traveler will get to know the terms and conditions beforehand, there would be less troubles.  It adds more fun and excitement.  You will meet new people while you do your favorite pastime!

Thanks, Shiroube Team

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are you a full-time mom?

Are you raising a child full-time? If so, being a guide may help you to earn a little cash.  Often times it can be hard to find a flexible job especially when you are raising a small child. Shiroube may help you to get out of the situation.  If you can manage to have a couple of hours of free time, you can be a guide!  How about becoming a guide after your child goes to pre-school? How about asking your best friend to play with your child for a few hours while you are guiding a traveler?  Whenever you have time, it is the time for you to be a guide.  It’s so flexible and perfect!  We are waiting for your registration!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You can place Ad, too

 If you are employed and busy working weekdays, you may think that you are not qualified to register as a guide.  That is not true at all!  You can be a guide when you have time for it.  You don’t have to be a full-time guide.  When registering to Shiroube, you can specify terms and conditions so that you won’t have a problem later.  For example, if you have time on Sundays, you would address that on your profile so that a traveler who wants to go out on Sundays would contact you.  So don’t worry.  Even busy worker can be a guide through Shiroube.  Don’t just stand there!  Place Ads on Shiroube today.

Shiroube team