Wednesday, June 25, 2014

5 Tips for International Travel

5 Tips for International Travel

Packing your bags and getting things ready to travel to another country is a process. No matter where you are heading to there is a list of things you must do prior to leaving. If you have a family and pets to consider this process gets even more complicated. But there are a few basic methods and tips for international travel that will get you smoothly and quickly on your way without incident.

1. Update your Passport. If you have changed your name, address, or phone number you need to check in with your local government to update these changes on your passport. Reverse the opportunity for issues to arise and help speed up the security at the airport by doing so.

2. Receive the proper vaccinations before leaving. Checking in with your doctor before travelling abroad is a great idea to prevent unnecessary sickness during your travels. You can easily schedule an appointment with your doctor and inform him of where you will be heading so he can give you the proper vaccinations.

3. Look up monetary conversions. Before leaving the country you need to know what your money will need to be converted to and what the conversion rate is. This will help you prepare for your trip and estimate how much money you need to bring.

4. Call credit card companies and inform them of your travels. Leaving the country and suddenly making purchases in Japan is a giant red flag to credit card companies, so if you don’t want your credit cards to be turned off let them know in advance of your plans.

5. Pack extra clothes in your carry-on bag. The last thing you need is to be stuck in a foreign country without your luggage so play it safe and bring extra clothing in your carry-on bag.
Take the stress out of international travel by following our tips above.

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