Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Total Beauty Tour!

For most women, getting nails done, going to a hair salon, getting massages,
doing facial…etc.. are always a part of their lives! 

During a trip, a lot of women tend to visit such places in their destinations. 
One of my friends recently visited Thailand and she experienced traditional Thai massage! 
It is always exciting to experience a salon in a different culture!  Each culture has its own definition for beauty. 
So it is for you to find out what it is all about! 

If you are obsessed with visiting beauty salons, and know good ones, why don’t you let travelers know about them?  We recommend you to become a beauty guide. 
Well-known Luxurious salons can be found in a guidebook but reasonable & smaller local ones are not visible to travelers. 
You can give them great experiences! 
You can address what you can offer in your ad.  Place an ad on Shiroube now!

Thank you.
Shiroube Team

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Have you traveled without a guidebook?

Recently, some media have picked up this new way to travel around the world. 
It’s the way to travel in a “local” way.  Visiting places where local people love, as well as meeting and communicating with real local people. 
A lot of travel experts have found out that communicating with local people makes a trip way fuller. 
By actually meeting locals allows you to understand the culture and real side of the town or country. 
We are not suggesting you to pick up a local person randomly at a place you are visiting, but we are recommending you to find one through Shiroube. 
You never have to feel shy about seeking a suitable local guide for you. 
You feel a lot safer and comfortable finding one on Shiroube. 
It’s the same for local guides. 
If you want to become a local guide, you never have to feel heavy obligation or whatsoever on Shiroube. 
You can offer your own guidance.  You can guide your way. 
Shiroube has an answer for both traveler and guide. 
Check it out and post an ad on Shiroube today! 

Thank you,
Shiroube Team

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How about meeting real local people

Traveling is always a lot of fun. 
It clears up your mind and soul, and gives you new spice in your life.  
You loved the way you have traveled but you always had this feeling that you wanted to talk to local people more?  Did not know how you could meet real locals?  

On Shiroube, you can seek a local guide before you go on a trip! 
It’s much safer than finding one randomly in your destination. 
There are many great places that only locals know so it can be more exciting to travel via Shiroube. 
Also, when you go places with a tour guide, usually many of them are hired by a travel company but not from the local area. 
On Shiroube, you can find a real local person and you have more chance to communicate with local people! 
By seeking local guides on Shiroube, you can even customize your trip exactly the way you always wanted to travel! 
Try Shiroube now!

Thank you!
Shiroube Team

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dolphin Encounter

Encountering dolphins in the ocean can be a life-changing experience. 

If you are good at swimming and know the spot to encounter wild dolphins in the ocean, how about becoming a dolphin guide? 
Some travelers go overseas just to meet wild dolphins! 
Actually one of Shiroube staff has gone on a trip just to play with wild dolphins in the ocean---twice! 

She said that there were dolphin guides there on the boat. 
Some people prefer a pre-encounter session, which means giving instructions about how they can meet, how they should swim, and so on. 
You can address such things like, how you can give instructions, how you guide, cost of the trip…etc in your profile. 
Why don’t you let travelers experience one of the best life-changing activities that they would never forget!  Have you already become a member of Shiroube? 
If not, become a member and post an ad today!

Shiroube Team